Shaq Gets Gangsta! Uses Kid to Deliver Death Threat

Posted: April 18, 2010 in NBA

The folks over at the mighty TMZ are reporting the Shaq’s wife, Shaunie O’Neil, claims he ordered their son to deliver a death threat to Shaunie’s new man.  

Shaunie claims that Shaq “interrogated” their children to find out everything they knew about the boyfriend.

The major claim in Shaunie’s complaint is that Shaq ordered their 6-year-old son to tell her new man that Shaq is going to kill him. She also claims that Shaq yelled at the kid to “Say it now! My daddy is going to kill you!”

According to TMZ, Shaunie’s lawyers have sent a letter to Shaq’s people demanding that he stop “further inappropriate discussions” with the kids.

No announcement has come from Shaq of his attorneys. Shaq and the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

No telling how this will affect Shaq’s performance during this year’s playoffs. He is coming off an injury and hasn’t played since the end of February.


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