What’s Wrong Kobe?

Posted: April 27, 2010 in NBA

Yes, this is one of those “The Lakers are in deep trouble now” articles. It seems like we go through this every year. We get about two or three of them during the regular season and one after every playoff game, win or lose.

So is this time any different? Perhaps.

I can’t tell if Kobe Bryant is hurt worse than he is letting on or if he is getting old right in front of our eyes. I’m leaning towards the former. To be sure is game doesn’t look the same. Maybe it’s his finger or maybe it’s his knee, or a combination of both, that is affecting his play. Either way there is not much the Lakers can do. Sitting him during the playoffs is unthinkable.

So far Kobe is averaging 24 points per game in this series. That’s below his season average of 27; however he only had 12 points in Game 4 where he sat out most of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th. So, he’s right there, scoring wise. What seems not to be there is his scoring in the clutch moments. This is a player who has been dubbed “The Best Closer in the Game” and it seems when his team really needs that scoring and leadership he has not been able to deliver.

What needs to happen is Kobe must get the ball to Pau and Andrew more often. And these two need to step up and deliver.

I have no doubt that Kobe’s desire to win and dominate is still there. The question is: Will his body be able to respond?


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