LeBron wins MVP, Kills Cavs Chances of Winning Title!

Posted: May 3, 2010 in NBA

LeBron James has been named the NBA 2010 Most Valuable Player. In doing so he has single-handedly ended The Cleveland Cavaliers chances of winning a title.

I was on Twitter this weekend when I mentioned this little factoid, and my boy, @tylerconium, took exception to that statement. So you know what happened next: Twitter Fight!

It was kind of hard to explain myself 140 characters at a time, so let my lay out my central theory for you here: MVP’s do not win titles in the same year they get the award. It’s just a fact of the universe, like bad reality TV or crazy Republicans.

Let’s look at the evidence:

2009 LeBron James: Cavs lose to Magic in Eastern Conference Finals. They had the best record in the league and were one LeBron buzzer-beater away from getting swept.

2008 Kobe Bryant: Lakers Lose to Celtics in Finals. Kobe & Co. get humiliated by 39 points in Game 6.

2007 Dirk Nowitzki: Mavs lose to Warriors in first round. Mavs were a #1 seed losing to a #8 seed. Probably one of the biggest collapses in NBA history.

2006 Steve Nash: Lost to Mavs in Western Conference Finals.

2005 Steve Nash: Lost to Spurs in Western Conference Finals. Suns had best record in NBA.

2004 Kevin Garnett: TWolves lose to Lakers in Western Conference Finals. Missed playoffs the next two years and then broke up the team, sending KG to the Celtics.

2003 Tim Duncan: Spurs actually win Title against the Nets.

2002 Tim Duncan: Lose to Lakers in second round.

2001 Allen Iverson:  Lose to Lakers in Finals.

So you see, only once in the last 9 years has the MVP gone on to win a title. It’s like the NBA version of the Madden Curse. Only it happens at the end of the season.

So LeBron winning this year does not bode well for Cavs fans. But it is possible that the Cavs break the curse this year. And if not, Kevin Durant will probably win MVP next year and clear the way for whatever team LeBron winds up on to bring home a championship.

  1. Travis Mckay says:

    Haha I’m really the first reply to your amazing read?!

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