An In-Depth Interview with LeBron’s Elbow!

Posted: May 5, 2010 in NBA
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A lot of attention has been given to LeBron’s Elbow lately. If you google “LeBron’s Elbow” you will get over a million results. He has his own Facebook page and Twitter account. He is the topic of conversation on every sports talk show.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with LeBron’s Elbow for an in-depth interview. For someone suddenly thrust into the spotlight, he seems to be dealing with it well.

Here is the interview:

SportsBros: So you have been receiving a lot of attention lately. How have you been dealing with that?

LeBron’s Elbow: It’s been kinda tough. But I’ve been talking to Kobe’s Finger and he’s given me some pointers on how to deal with the attention.

SB: Such as?

LBE: Just to stay wrapped up and focus on the mechanics of the game.

SB: What’s it like when you hear people blaming you for the Game 2 loss against the Celtics?

LBE: Well losing always hurts. LeBron taught me that. But I’ll tell you what doesn’t hurt; Running up behind some chump who thinks he’s got an easy lay up and swatting that ball into the fifth row! But after a loss I do hurt. A lot.

SB: You’ve had three MRI’s this week. What’s up with that?

LBE: Yeah, LeBron really, really want to be sure I’m as hurt as he thinks I am. But I’ll tell you this; any more radiation and my kids are gonna come out with three heads.

SB: You’ve already got you own Facebook page and Twitter account, what’s next?

LBE: Right now I’m working on a song with Diddy. It’s basically me on the hook and Diddy talking over the rest but the beat is tight. I’m also talking to Ashton Kutcher about a reality show.

SB: You’ve also been romantically linked to Kat Stacks. Is this true?

LBE: (Laughs) Nah, we’re just friends. She’s actually a really sweet girl. A lot smarter than people give her credit for. I’ve seen her do a whole soduku by herself.

SB: That sounds great. What about the NBA playoffs? Do you think that the Cavs have a chance to finally win a Championship?

LBE: I think so. If we win it will be despite me and if we lose it will be because of me. So we’re all good.

SB: Win or lose, are you going to be back in Cleveland next year?

LBE: That’s a tough one. I think we’ll be back. But every time I’m at the mall with LebBron and he’s buying 10 or 12 Yankee hats, I wonder.

SB: Would you like to go to New York?

LBE: I don’t know. New York’s pretty crowded. Not a lot of “elbow room” if you know what I mean.

SB: Strangely I do. Well, I know you have a busy schedule, what with the MRI’s and all. So I want to thank you for sitting down with me.

LBE: Yeah, I gotta go get dunked in some ice water right now. I’m gonna have some major shrinkage. But sometimes you gotta sacrifice for the team, you know?

SB: Yeah I do.

LBE: Peace.

  1. Bballfan says:

    Even with the elbow injury, Cavs make it to the finals to battle the mighty SPURS ! ! ! !

  2. […] quietly become the hottest team in the NBA Playoffs. With all the talk about the Lakers repeating, LeBron’s elbow and the Orlando Magic’s blowouts against the Atlanta Hawks, the Suns haven’t been given much […]

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