Kimbo Slice Cut From UFC! Return to YouTube Eminent!!

Posted: May 10, 2010 in MMA
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The Kimbo Slice era of the UFC is now, thankfully, over.

After an embarrassing loss Saturday night at UFC 113 to former NFL player Matt Mitrione, Kimbo Slice is no longer in the UFC. And hopefully his MMA career is over as well.

UFC president, Dana White, did the only thing he could do; he promptly fired Kimbo after the match. “That was probably his last fight in the UFC,” White said immediately after the fight.

While it was interesting to see this YouTube star parlay his internet fame to an actual fighting career, it was clear from the start the Slice was out of his league. After an embarrassing 14 second knockout in the now defunct Elite XC fight promotion to Seth Petruzelli, Kimbo got another chance when he was allowed to be in the Ultimate Fighter reality show.

It quickly became apparent that Kimbo did not belong there. After being defeated by eventual Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson, Kimbo was given a slot on the live finale. While he won a decision over Houston Alexander, Kimbo did not look as if he made any major advances in his MMA skills.

While I’m sure we will see Kimbo on TV in the near future, I’m hoping it will not be in the octagon. I’m sure there will be an opening on “Dancing With the Stars” or “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” Until then, there’s always YouTube.


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