Los Suns Are the Hottest Team in Basketball!!

Posted: May 10, 2010 in NBA
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The Phoenix Suns (forever to be referred to as Los Suns) have, not so quietly become the hottest team in the NBA Playoffs. With all the talk about the Lakers repeating, LeBron’s elbow and the Orlando Magic’s blowouts against the Atlanta Hawks, the Suns haven’t been given much press outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area. However, this is a team that deserves attention.

They have finally dispatched their arch-nemesis the San Antonio Spurs and they did it in very decisive fashion; an exciting four-game sweep. The Suns have lost to the Spurs the last four times they have made the playoffs. Getting that monkey off their back should be a very big relief for the Suns.

Looming on the horizon are, presumably, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are currently leading the Utah Jazz 3-0 in their playoff series. This would be a great Western Conference Finals. It would pit the Lakers’ big men against the pick and roll of the Suns. It would be interesting to see which team will get the advantage.


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