F.Y.I. Pau Gasol is NOT Soft!!

Posted: May 19, 2010 in NBA
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My brother Tommy (@tsoliz602) and I argue about a lot of things. But mostly we like to argue about basketball. He is a San Antonio Spurs fan. I am a Lakers fan. (I think he may be adopted but my dad has never been willing to confirm this.)

We like to argue about which team dominated the 2000’s. I say it was the Lakers: six final appearances, four titles. He thinks it’s the Spurs: Three trips, three titles, perfect record. As you can see, he’s always wrong.

Lately, what we argue the most about is Pau Gasol. Tommy likes to call him “Chicken Man” a) because he looks like a chicken and b) because he’s “scared” to play down low with the big boys (aka Tim Duncan). Okay, he may resemble a chicken at times but one thing is for sure, Pau Gasol is certainly not soft!

Chris Dudley is soft. Kwame Brown is soft. Eric Dampier is soft. Pau is so far above these guys it not even funny.

Gasols’s game is more European than anything else. He can handle the ball better than any seven-footer in the game today. He passes the ball and facilitates plays better than most guards in the league. (Gilbert Arenas, I’m looking at you.)

The Lakers were better after Gasol’s arrival than they were before he showed up. Think about that. Gasol come to the Lakers midway through the 2007-2008 season and they rolled right into the NBA Finals. Unfortunately they lost to the Boston Celtics in six games. But they go right back to the Finals the next year and beat the Orlando Magic in five games. Currently the Lakers are three wins away from heading to the NBA Finals for the third straight year.

Tim Duncan may be the best power forward ever to play the game and Pau matches up with him in every category. In 12 seasons in the NBA, Tim Duncan’s stat line looks like this: 21.1 PPG, 3.2 APG, 11.6 RPG with 50% shooting. Gasol’s stats look like this after eight years in the league: 18.8 PPG, 3.2 APG, 9.0 RPG with 52% shooting.  As you can see, Gasol matches up nicely with Duncan. And Pau is only 29. By the time his career is over I’m sure he will match Duncan in every category, including NBA Championships.

So if you still think that Pau Gasol is soft, then, like my brother, you are wrong. And possibly adopted.

  1. Kevin says:

    Pau Gasol is the softest player in the league. You said it right when you said his game is “more European than anything else.” Ever seen a soccer match in Europe? People dive right and left; it’s ridiculous how much wussiness goes on there, just like in Pau’s game. No one is debating whether or not he has good stats, but he’s the softest player in the league by far. Remember this?

    “Asked if [Dwight Howard of the Magic’s gameplay was] too physical for his taste, or within the rules, Gasol didn’t hesitate. ‘For my taste, yes,’ Gasol said.”

    KING OF PUSSIES. But it’s not just dumb quotes, it’s how he plays. The guy is softer than play-dough. And a little bitch about it too.

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