The Miami Heat Dynasty (and Other Myths)

Posted: July 19, 2010 in NBA
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I’ve been away for awhile. I was on a well deserved mini vacation and my sister decided to have her first child last Saturday. So, I’m an uncle once again. (You can see little Noah here.)

I’ve still been following the sports happenings though. And one of the trends that I see has me a little perplexed. The reaction to the reloaded Miami Heat has been crazy. They have simultaneously become the Most Loved and Most Hated Team in the NBA. And the people that love them REALLY love them. They are even using the term “Dynasty” to describe a team that, to my knowledge hasn’t even practiced together yet. Some people are musing about where this team fits in with the All Time Great NBA teams.

So where do they rank?

The short answer: They don’t.

The Long Answer: is quite a bit longer. How about we let these guys play at least ONE GAME before we start to put them in the same category as the Celtics, the Lakers, the Bull and the Spurs? And as far as the “Heat Dynasty” goes, one championship back in 2006 does not make a dynasty.

I’ve been hearing things like “LeBron plus D Wade and Chris Bosh equals 20 Championships!” I love the optimism but something tells me that LeBron is not going to play for 27 years. I really didn’t understand the hype surrounding this team.

And then I realized what this really is. It’s a shortcut to a title. People get tired of putting in the work and want a shortcut. LeBron James got tired of putting in a WHOLE LOT of work and not getting any rings. So he took a shortcut. And there may not be anything wrong with that. That is there wouldn’t be if the whole sports media (and many fans) had not already dubbed him “The Greatest Ever.” I can see ESPN spinning his defection from Cleveland to Dwayne Wade’s team on a daily basis. They have even gone so far as to call out Michael Jordan. The argument goes like this: “Hey, Jordan had Pippen when he won his titles. He couldn’t do it by himself.” True, but Jordan didn’t go play with Pippen. Or Toni Kukoc, or Dennis Rodman. They came to him. They wanted to play with the best player in the league.

I think Jordan summed it up best recently when he said that while he would never have done what LeBron did, he understands that things are different now. Aside from a very few players in all of sports no one has that same drive and will to win that Jordan and Magic Johnson or Larry Bird had.

We live in a different time. Our whole culture is about shortcuts. American Idol, The Jersey Shore, the Bachelor; it’s about being famous for being famous. It’s about getting from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. And with the least amount of work.

So when Noah gets old enough to understand I plan to show him plenty of videos of Magic and Bird, Jordan and Kobe. Hopefully he will take away those lessons of hard work and having the will to be the best you possibly can be.

And if that doesn’t work I’ll throw some funny videos of him on YouTube and see if he can get an acting job from that.


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