Chris Paul is Making a Mistake

Posted: July 23, 2010 in NBA
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Call it the LeBron effect.

It seems like every young star in the NBA wants to form a Super Team and contend for a title. Chris Paul is the latest player who has swallowed the Kool Aid and I feel sorry for him. He’s trying to follow in the footsteps of LeBron James, and I feel that he will fall even farther than LeBron did.  The average fan has no more tolerance for this kind of stuff.

Chris Paul means a lot to the city of New Orleans. Just like the Saints do. Like LeBron once meant to Cleveland. And now he wants to leave and go to a contender. His first sets of teams were the New York Knicks, Orlando magic or the Los Angeles Lakers. (Thankfully the Lakers signed Matt Barnes. A move that I wholeheartedly agreed with.) Now he has dropped the Lakers and added the Portland Trailblazers and Dallas Mavericks to his wish list.

I have no problem with a free agent going to wherever he wants. But there is one thing that you have to remember: Chris Paul still has two years left on his contract. He is forcing a trade. Or maybe he’s bluffing.

So maybe this is more of a Kobe Bryant move than a LeBron move. Not quite. Kobe was talking about going to the Los Angeles Clippers or the Chicago Bulls. Neither of those teams had a superstar for him to join up with. He was going to be The Man on both of those teams. So this is more of a LeBron-I-Can’t-Do-It-On-My-Own move.

And make no mistake about it; any team would love to have Chris Paul on their roster. He is in the top five point guards of the NBA.

In my opinion the point guards rank this way:

  1. Deron Williams
  2. Russell Westbrook
  3. Dwyane Wade
  4. Steve Nash
  5. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is fifth only because he has been injured. And once you have been injured it’s very possible for you to continue to be injured. Just ask Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden (aka Mr. Glass).

So if Chris Paul leaves New Orleans I certainly hope he can stay healthy because whatever team signs him will be totally screwed if he gets hurt again.

If he goes to New York he is definitely hoping that Carmelo Anthony joins him in 2011. And that is a pretty big leap of faith. I don’t know what he’s thinking if he goes to Dallas or Portland. Both teams are good but there is no way they are getting passed the Lakers. He might as well stay in New Orleans and be a pillar of the community.

Orlando makes the most sense for him. The magic can ship Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson to New Orleans in exchange for Chris Paul (I refuse to use the name CP3). That makes an already loaded Eastern Conference even more interesting.

You have the Big Three in both Boston and Miami, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in Orlando and a reloaded Chicago Bulls team. Those four teams might be able to shake the “Leastern Conference” label once and for all. Those four teams will make the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs VERY watchable. As opposed to the last ten years.

And any one of those teams will lose admirably to the Los Angeles Lakers.


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