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Winning the first game of the NFL season is a big deal. Don’t let anyone fool you. It sets the tone for the rest of the season.

If you win, you know all your hard work during the offseason and in training camp paid off (that is unless your name is Brett Favre or Albert Haynesworth). Lose that first game and you start to question all your preparations (see Favre, Brett and Haynesworth, Albert).

So if you won your first game in a dominating fashion, say, by a score of 38-24, you would think that would make you very happy, right?

Not if your name is Randy Moss.

He picked possibly the worst time to start bitching and moaning about his contract and how he is not appreciated by the New England Patriots and their fans. I mean, really, it’s week one!

And what was with that get up? It looked like he was channeling the gangsta ghost of Allen Iverson. And I have to take a minute here and say how much I hate it when pro athletes wear gear from another city during press conferences or interviews. Show at least a little bit of loyalty and wear something from your team’s town or at least from the region.  And like most bad trends in sports, this seems to have started with LeBron James. (Think about it.)

Getting back to Randy Moss, if you listen to his meandering interview, what you really hear is someone who is hurt. It really sounds like his feelings are hurt. When he said, “Around here in the New England area, I think a lot of people don’t want to see me do good,” we all got a good look into his psyche. To think that people are out there rooting against you says volumes about what’s going on in your head.

It seems a bit trite to say it but I think Randy Moss needs a hug. I think the Pats need to “show him some love” as the kids like to say these days. And “love” in the world of pro athletes means “money.”

Unfortunately, Randy plays for the Patriots, who have no problem throwing players overboard no matter how good they are. So he’s going to have to get his love somewhere else.

The good news is that he is still an elite wide receiver and any team will be better off by signing him.

But in the meantime, my advice to him is just sit back and enjoy the ride. You will find a place that makes you happy.

Hey, even Ron Artest got his ring.


The 2010 NFL season is upon us and many people are talking about the Heisman Trophy. Specifically, Reggie Bush’s 2005 Heisman Trophy. Rumors abound that the Heisman Trophy Trust is going to strip Bush of his Heisman Trophy. While Robert Whalen, executive director of the Trust says they have not made a decision regarding Bush, he does say they are investigating the situation.

That “situation” is the NCAA stripping of Bush of his eligibility and USC of their victories in games Bush had played in for the school. He was ruled ineligible because he and his family took money from agent’s representatives. Now, I’m not going to get into the whole “we should pay college athletes” debate. Whether they should be paid or not doesn’t matter to me. I won’t even get into how hypocritical it for these schools to be making millions off these students and the students, who do all the work, make zero. (That kind of work arrangement sounds kind of familiar to me, but I won’t go there.)

The issue I want to address is the stripping of the Heisman Trophy from Reggie Bush.

If they actually go through with it, I say, “So what?? What does it matter now?” Reggie Bush is a professional athlete who has made millions of dollars, won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saint, and bedded one of the hottest women on the planet. Do you think he really cares about the Heisman Trophy?

While winning the Heisman is a great colligate honor it has no bearing on one’s professional career.

How many Heisman Trophy winners have made it to the NFL and been complete busts? Do the names Charlie Ward, Ty Detmer, Andre Ware and Rashaan Salaam ring a bell? Probably not, because they absolutely sucked in the NFL.

Reggie Bush will do just fine with or without the Heisman. He will continue to be a factor in the NFL and may even win another Super Bowl.

The only thing I can see that Bush will regret is his ban from the USC campus. There is nothing like returning to your alma mater to pay a visit and instill some wisdom to the kids there. He will still have the memories of his days at USC but the school has erased all memories of Reggie Bush.

I guess you really can’t go home again.

But you can continue to be a success now matter what you have done in your past. I say, “Run, Reggie, run!”

The Boise State Broncos and Virginia Tech Hokies put on a great show last night. It was one of those games where you really didn’t want either team to lose. But in the end, Boise State came out on top defeating Virginia Tech 33-30. With their victory, the Broncos have shown that they should be in the National Championship conversation.

Yet there are still people who say they don’t even deserve to be ranked in the top 10. (Boise State is currently ranked 3rd.) I say they deserve to be considered for that game a lot more than many other supposedly big time teams have been in the past.

Boise State has answered every challenge put to them. Every team that the talking heads said they couldn’t beat, they wound up beating.

Yet these so-called experts still do not give them any respect. ESPN has been the worst culprit so far. Their talking heads continually come up with excuse after excuse as to why the Broncos don’t deserve to be in the BCS Championship game. (Kind of like they continually come up with excuses as the why LeBron still doesn’t have a ring)

Skip Bayles, on ESPN’s First Take, tried to say Boise State’s first big win, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory against Oklahoma doesn’t really count because Oklahoma “didn’t want to be there.” This has to be the most tortured logic since George W. Bush’s reasoning to invade Iraq. And ridiculous comments aren’t even challenged on ESPN. Everyone just nods their head in agreement.

This is the kind of bias that the Broncos have to face. And they face it every week.

Every game for Boise State is a potential season ending game. All the haters are just waiting for them to lose just one game so they can point and say, “See? They lost a game. They don’t deserve to be in the BCS Championship Game.” They seem to conveniently forget about the one-loss (and in some cases two-loss) teams that have played for the title in the recent past. I don’t think any other team has to deal with this kind of pressure throughout the season.

The naysayers like to point to Boise State’s supposedly weak schedule. Take a look at the schedules of some of the powerhouse schools. Ohio State, who is perennially ranked in the Top 10, plays teams like Youngstown State, Ohio University, Indiana, and other cupcake schools every season. Defending national champions Alabama opened up their season against San Jose State. They are also playing Georgia State, who just started their football program THIS SEASON. But no one will talk about Ohio State or Alabama’s “strength of schedule problem.”

And so many people are missing the most important fact: Boise State is good for college football. They are the future of college football. They bring an excitement and level of interest that can only positive for the game. As Americans we love to cheer for the underdog. Can you imagine the rating a Boise State-Alabama national title game would get? It would be the biggest college football game ever.

Let’s just hope that the Establishment doesn’t get in the way of the future.