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LeBron has a new commercial out. Normally I wouldn’t be commenting about a commercial but this one grabbed my attention. It’s the first one, as far as I know, to address the issue of LeBron’s image problem.

You know, the problem of people thinking he’s a total douchebag after watching the ego-fest of “The Decision” on ESPN. (I like to call it “The LeBacle” because it was probably the worst PR stunt in the history of professional sports. But that’s just my opinion.)

So, Nike and LeBron have teamed up to make this new commercial in which LeBron seems to be saying “Yeah, I made some mistakes,” but unfortunately his ego and hubris shines through even the editing process.

The whole “What should I do?” line rings hollow. It’s not like we just came down on him for no reason. What LeBron STILL seems to not understand is that he brought all this negativity on himself. This whole commercial seems to try to deflect all the blame to basketball fans. It’s like he’s saying WE don’t understand him and what he’s going through. Like, somehow, we should be trying to make up with him.

While this was nowhere near as damaging as “The LeBacle,” it’s still a far cry from bringing all the fans around to his side.

At some point I wish LeBron would set his ego and image aside and just say, “I screwed up.” And then we can all get on with our lives.

While ESPN is desperately waiting to give LeBron James his first championship it, is the Miami Heat fans that are injection some sense into the circus that has followed the Heat for the last month. Kind of.

In a recent open scrimmage, Heat fans burst into a “Beat L.A.!” chant. While that is extremely premature, it does prove one thing: Even front running Heat fans know the Los Angeles Lakers are the team to beat. Now if we can just get someone at ESPN to realize this because they are “All Heat, All the Time” now that the NBA season is at hand.

And let’s not forget about the other teams in the league, especially those in the Eastern Conference. I’m sure the Boston Celtics, the Orlando Magic and even the Chicago Bulls will have something to say about who faces (and loses to) the Lakers in the Finals.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for being optimistic, especially when it comes to sports. (Hell, I still believe that the Dodgers will make it back to the World Series before I die!)But there is a fine line between optimistic and delusional. The Heat fans and ESPN are right up against that line.

I know this is an old topic but it keeps coming up. People are still bitching about  Kobe getting the Finals MVP. Their argument: “He only shot 6-for-24. How is that an MVP?”  This 6-for-24 mantra is big with all the Kobe Haters out there and especially for one Boston-loving douchebag over at ESPN.

So, once and for all, let’s take a look at the “disappointing” Game 7 performance of one Kobe Bean Bryant.

While it is true that he shot 6-for24 it is also true that he scored 23 points, to lead ALL scorers. That’s right, even with that “horrible” shooting night Kobe still was the high scorer for the game.

Let that sink in for a second. The Finals MVP scores the most points in the most important game of the Finals. He also scored 10 of those points in the 4th quarter. That’s being a clutch player and dare I say, MVP-like.

Since his shot was obviously not dropping, Kobe decided to put his stamp on the game in another way: rebounding. He wound up with 15 rebounds for that game. Just to put that into perspective for you; that’s more rebounds than Kevin Garnett and Paul Peirce COMBINED! (Together they had 13.)

To put it simply, Kobe outscores every one, takes over the 4th quarter and out rebounds Boston’s top two players.

So, if all you can say is “6-for-24” that means two things; you’re a liar and you desperately don’t want people to know the truth or you’re an idiot who can’t even do a simple Google search to find the facts. If you work for ESPN I’d say it’s a little of both.

My nephew, Evan, is three years old and I fear that he will grow up never playing baseball. This is actually a fear that I have. I want him to have the same awesome childhood that I had and that means laying baseball.

Football, both Pro and college, dominates America now and will only grow stronger as he grows up. The NBA puts out a great product that is visually appealing and more and more kids are playing soccer every day.

I figured the only way I can get him interested in baseball is to show him some great baseball movies.

Since we are headed into the MLB postseason I thought it would be a good time to list my Top 5 Baseball Movies of All Time. That way, in case anything happens to me, there will be a document for him to follow and learn about the Great American Pastime. (Actually, I figured List Articles are pretty easy to put together and I feel lazy today. Plus, I’m pretty drunk.)

So, here we go.

5. The Sandlot. Kids playing the game for the fun of it. A new kid, Smalls, moves into the neighborhood and bond with the local kids through baseball. It’s a great story. Me and my boys still use the quote; “You’re killing me, Smalls,” to this day. This movie also gets on the list because Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez grows up to be a Dodger. Can there be a happier ending than that?

4. Major League.  The first love the city of Cleveland ever got on film as far as I know. It was made before the Indians made their run at the World Series, only to be denied. It was a foreshadowing of LeBron’s treason, if you ask me. Still, it is a great underdog story. They were a team of misfits put together to lose, but won just to spite their evil owner. And check out the cast; Wesley Snipes, Charlie Sheen, Rene Russo, Tom Berenger and Corbin Bernsen. How can you possibly go wrong with Snipes and Sheen?

3. Eight Men Out. This is a great telling of the 1919 Black Socks scandal. It’s hard to believe that a team that good would throw the World Series until you realize what a total douchebag Charlie Comiskey was. And now he has a stadium named after him. It kind of makes you wonder why you should be a good person. But throwing a game is possibly the worst thing you could ever do, in my opinion. The integrity of any game must be upheld. And it has a great cast; John Cusack, Charlie Sheen, Christopher Lloyd and D.B. Sweeney.

2. Bull Durham. This is possibly Kevin Costner’s finest role ever. He is a veteran minor-leaguer, Crash Davis, who is brought in to handle pitching phenom Tim Robbins, aka Nuke LaLoosh. Susan Sarandon sexes up the picture with a classic role as Annie Savoy. Even though it was about minor league baseball it is still a classic. As a bonus, Crash Davis and Nuke LaLoosh are the greatest names in cinematic history.

1. Field of Dreams. “If you build it, he will come.” That line will never, ever be forgotten. Kevin Costner does it again. Another great role for him. Not as good as Bull Durham, but a great performance. This dude builds a baseball diamond in his corn field and channels the ghosts of the 1919 Black Socks and his dad. It doesn’t get any better than that for a baseball fan. If you don’t cry at least once during this movie you are dead inside and I don’t want to know you.

So there you have it. That is my list. Some of you may disagree with it but you should be secure in the knowledge that you are wrong.