LeBron’s New Commercial, The Decision Part 2??

Posted: October 25, 2010 in NBA
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LeBron has a new commercial out. Normally I wouldn’t be commenting about a commercial but this one grabbed my attention. It’s the first one, as far as I know, to address the issue of LeBron’s image problem.

You know, the problem of people thinking he’s a total douchebag after watching the ego-fest of “The Decision” on ESPN. (I like to call it “The LeBacle” because it was probably the worst PR stunt in the history of professional sports. But that’s just my opinion.)

So, Nike and LeBron have teamed up to make this new commercial in which LeBron seems to be saying “Yeah, I made some mistakes,” but unfortunately his ego and hubris shines through even the editing process.

The whole “What should I do?” line rings hollow. It’s not like we just came down on him for no reason. What LeBron STILL seems to not understand is that he brought all this negativity on himself. This whole commercial seems to try to deflect all the blame to basketball fans. It’s like he’s saying WE don’t understand him and what he’s going through. Like, somehow, we should be trying to make up with him.

While this was nowhere near as damaging as “The LeBacle,” it’s still a far cry from bringing all the fans around to his side.

At some point I wish LeBron would set his ego and image aside and just say, “I screwed up.” And then we can all get on with our lives.

  1. 行銷 says:

    Great site, though I would love to see some more media! – Great post anyway, Cheers!

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