NFC Wildcard Preview!

Posted: January 3, 2012 in NFL
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Atlanta Falcons – New York Giants

At first glance this seems like Giants all the way. They are coming off a big win against the Dallas Cowboys and seem to have all the momentum. However, I still think their secondary is suspect. Roddy White and Julio Jones could put a serious hurt on them.

The key is going to be the Falcons O Line. Matt Ryan can’t get the ball to White and Jones if he is flat on his back. The Giants had Tony Romo running for his life Sunday but it looked like the Cowboys gave up early. I doubt if the Falcons will lay down like that this week.

The Falcons are a more balanced team which is why I am picking them to win.


Detroit Lions – New Orleans Saints

I expect A LOT of offense in this game. We could see close to 100 points scored in this game. That’s why this is the Must See Game this week. Plus we have a chance to see if Ndamukong Suh will implode again. That’s worth the price of admission right there.

Both teams seem to be built the same. The saints have already beat Detroit 31-17 this season and I don’t see why they can’t beat them again.

The score will be closer, maybe 45-41, but Drew Brees and the Saints will be victorious.


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