Lamar Odom’s Long Strange Trip

Posted: April 12, 2012 in NBA
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Two years ago Lamar Odom was razing the Larry O’Brien Trophy and celebrating his second consecutive NBA Championship. Last Year he was voted Sixth Man of the Year. This year he’s out of a job.

When the Dallas Mavericks sent him packing a few days ago everyone was talking about what a waste of talent Lamar has become.

I think that’s incredibly unfair to Odom. In my opinion, he is still a great talent. He is the most versatile player in the league. Name me one other player that can play all five positions. I’ll wait.

When you look at everything that Lamar has gone through off the court you may have a different view of him. It’s amazing that he has made it this far. His mother passed away when he was a child. His father was a junkie. He’s had to bury a child. He’s lost many family members in the last few years. Just recently his father, who he had somewhat reconciled with, was very ill. He has dealt with issues that would have buried many of his critics.

I honestly think that getting traded from the Lakers broke his heart. And I’m talking about the trade to New Orleans that NBA commissioner David Stern vetoed. Even though he’s been on different teams during his career, I think Lamar finally felt at home with the Lakers. All of his needs were met on that team. Losing them was like losing his family all over again.

Lamar Odom is an emotional person. He always has been and will always be. And that’s fine. Most people don’t understand that type of personality, but I do.  I truly believe that if he somehow returns to the Lakers he will be the great player that he always has been.

He was recently seen leaving Dallas wearing his Lakers championship t-shirt and a lot has been made of that. Maybe he was sending a message or maybe he just felt most comfortable in Lakers gear.

Some team will give Odom a chance to vindicate himself next season, you can bet on that. The only question that remains is, will it be a team that Lamar will feel comfortable playing for?


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