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2010 -- Skip BaylessDuring the Washington Redskins playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Redskins QB, Robert Griffin III, suffered a knee injury.  Going into the game there was much speculation as the weather RG3 was healthy enough to play. Specifically, team doctor James Andrews stated that he thought RG3 was brought back too quickly.

Immediately after the injury the Internet exploded with accusations from Skins fans that head coach Mike Shanahan left RG3 in the game too long and he was to blame for the injury. It was another example of a coach (and by extension, the NFL) not caring about the health and safety of a player.

And it’s a valid argument. Most rational people would make that connection.

But what if you are a complete idiot with no real grasp on reality and you just want to create some controversy? Then that do you do? Professional instigator and part time Internet troll, Skip Bayless, decided to weigh in with one of the most idiotic sports takes ever. He came to the asinine conclusion that Dr. Andrews was to blame for the injury when he unleashed this spectacularly moronic tweet.

“@RealSkipBayless: Hope Dr. Andrews is pleased w/ self, publicly going after Shanahan, creating doubt in RG3’s mind by saying still nervous about RG3’s knee.”

There is a lot of insanity packed into those 140 characters.  First off, he makes it seem like Dr. Andrews has concocted some kind of diabolical plan to wreck Mike Shanahan’s career.  Bayless is so used to coming up with idiotic sports takes just to piss people off and get some publicity for himself, he thinks that’s the way everybody operates.  Unfortunately for him that’s not the way normal people (e.g. Non-egomaniacs) operate.

And to say the Doc put doubt in RG3’s head is ridiculous. Pro athletes are some of the mentally tough people on the planet (with the exception of Tony Romo). RG3 knows his body better than anyone else. He knows what limitations, if any, he has on any given day.

But Skip got what he wanted; he used a player’s injury to bring attention to himself. Never mind that in order to get that attention he has to come up with an opinion that is so devoid of logic that even members of the Tea Party think he is insane. It’s all about getting the spotlight on himself. At that, he’s brilliant. He just sucks at everything else.