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I have to admit, I had absolutely no desire to watch the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Robert Guerrero fight. That was until I saw the video below. Apparently Guerrero’s father, Reuben Guerrero, decided that it would be a good idea to repeatedly call Mayweather a woman beater.

To be fair, Mayweather did serve time for domestic abuse. But as far as I know that is is only time he has done such a thing. I don’t recall a string of accusations and arrests. After all, he’s not Brandon Marshall.

To his credit, Mayweather just sat there and didn’t respond. I’m assuming he is going to respond in the ring.

This awesome rant by the elder Guerrero almost makes me want to watch this fight. Almost.

There were two fights vying for America’s attention Saturday night. One was on free TV and one was on Pay Per View. One ended in a spectacular knockout and one ended in controversy. One mattered and one didn’t. One was Mixed Marshal Arts (MMA) and one was boxing.

MMA made history and boxing gave us more of the same.

MMA (and specifically the UFC) has become more important than boxing because they continually give the fans the fights they want to see. And now they are giving them away for free. The UFC Heavyweight Championship fight between Can Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos made history. It ushered in a new era for the fight game.

MMA detractors will say that Dos Santos’ 1:04 knockout of Velaquez made the fight anti-climactic but they are wrong. It’s those types of knockouts that make MMA exciting. The last time there was any excitement in boxing’s heavyweight division was when Mike Tyson was knocking out fools in the first round. No one was complaining about the length of the fights then. Knockouts are exciting. Knockouts leave no doubt about who won the fight.

Which brings us to the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Boxing didn’t do itself any favors with this fight. While Pacquiao won the fight it was not without controversy. And it didn’t bring us any closer to the fight we all want to see which is Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather. I’m still convinced that fight will never happen. If they were both in the UFC that fight would have already happened. And it probably would have happened twice. Fighters can’t run from other fighters in the UFC. (Floyd, I’m looking in your direction).

Putting a Heavyweight Championship fight on free TV was the best thing the UFC could do. It’s been over two decades since any heavyweight championship fight was on free TV. People in their late twenties probably don’t even know that fights used to be broadcast for free. MMA was introduced to mainstream America in a great way, with a fight that truly mattered and one that ended in an exciting fashion. This was the best advertisement the UFC (and MMA) could have hoped for.

The UFC (and MMA in general) is better at marketing their product than boxing has ever been. It also helps that they have a superior product.

Boxing is in trouble because they don’t give fans the fight they want to see and the governing bodies have become so corrupt that nothing can get done. When was the last time you were really excited about a boxing match? If we’re lucky, we get one good fight a year. That’s no way to build a sport.

Boxing will probably not follow UFC’s lead and put championship fights on free TV and that’s a good thing. For the UFC.