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I really don’t hate the guy. I just dislike some of the things he does. And most of his fans.


Call it the LeBron effect.

It seems like every young star in the NBA wants to form a Super Team and contend for a title. Chris Paul is the latest player who has swallowed the Kool Aid and I feel sorry for him. He’s trying to follow in the footsteps of LeBron James, and I feel that he will fall even farther than LeBron did.  The average fan has no more tolerance for this kind of stuff.

Chris Paul means a lot to the city of New Orleans. Just like the Saints do. Like LeBron once meant to Cleveland. And now he wants to leave and go to a contender. His first sets of teams were the New York Knicks, Orlando magic or the Los Angeles Lakers. (Thankfully the Lakers signed Matt Barnes. A move that I wholeheartedly agreed with.) Now he has dropped the Lakers and added the Portland Trailblazers and Dallas Mavericks to his wish list.

I have no problem with a free agent going to wherever he wants. But there is one thing that you have to remember: Chris Paul still has two years left on his contract. He is forcing a trade. Or maybe he’s bluffing.

So maybe this is more of a Kobe Bryant move than a LeBron move. Not quite. Kobe was talking about going to the Los Angeles Clippers or the Chicago Bulls. Neither of those teams had a superstar for him to join up with. He was going to be The Man on both of those teams. So this is more of a LeBron-I-Can’t-Do-It-On-My-Own move.

And make no mistake about it; any team would love to have Chris Paul on their roster. He is in the top five point guards of the NBA.

In my opinion the point guards rank this way:

  1. Deron Williams
  2. Russell Westbrook
  3. Dwyane Wade
  4. Steve Nash
  5. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is fifth only because he has been injured. And once you have been injured it’s very possible for you to continue to be injured. Just ask Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden (aka Mr. Glass).

So if Chris Paul leaves New Orleans I certainly hope he can stay healthy because whatever team signs him will be totally screwed if he gets hurt again.

If he goes to New York he is definitely hoping that Carmelo Anthony joins him in 2011. And that is a pretty big leap of faith. I don’t know what he’s thinking if he goes to Dallas or Portland. Both teams are good but there is no way they are getting passed the Lakers. He might as well stay in New Orleans and be a pillar of the community.

Orlando makes the most sense for him. The magic can ship Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson to New Orleans in exchange for Chris Paul (I refuse to use the name CP3). That makes an already loaded Eastern Conference even more interesting.

You have the Big Three in both Boston and Miami, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in Orlando and a reloaded Chicago Bulls team. Those four teams might be able to shake the “Leastern Conference” label once and for all. Those four teams will make the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs VERY watchable. As opposed to the last ten years.

And any one of those teams will lose admirably to the Los Angeles Lakers.

You could hear it starting slowly, “New York Knicks, New York Knicks!” LeBron James was at the free throw line near the end of Game 6 and the Boston Celtic fans were letting him have it. “New York Knicks! NEW YORK KNICKS!!”

Everyone seems to think that LeBron is going to the Knicks. Even the Cleveland fans think that. And after the Celtics defeated the Cavaliers 94-85 to end LeBron’s season and perhaps his career in Cleveland, everyone in world seems to think the same thing.

I don’t think so.

LeBron-to-the-Knicks talk seems to hinge on another superstar free agent coming along with him. Either Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh. Or Both. There are too many moving parts that need to come together for this to happen.

Why would he leave a pretty good Cleveland team and go to a total rebuilding project? That doesn’t make sense.

The move that makes more sense and is infinitely more entertaining is LeBron to Los Angeles. No, not the Lakers. . .the CLIPPERS!!

That’s right, I said it.

Hear me out on this one.

The Clippers have all the cap room they need to sign LeBron. They have an opening at the head coach position to bring in any one of LeBron’s choosing. They can even make a run at Phil Jackson if that’s what LeBron wants.  And they already have a better team than the Knicks.

Think about this starting lineup; Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman and LeBron James. Go ahead, ponder that for a bit. Davis would actually be interested in playing basketball again. Griffin would have less pressure on him and probably stay healthy for the whole season, Kaman would continue to be an All-Star and Eric Gordon could continue to be Eric Gordon. You have to admit, on paper, that’s a pretty good team. It may not be a championship caliber team but neither are the Knicks.

And L.A. has better weather than New York.

Think about all the things LeBron could do in Hollywood; cameos on “Two and a Half Men,” stopping by the “Tonight Show” just to say hi or even remaking “Kazaam.” Hollywood makes more sense for LeBron, Inc. than Manhattan.

Clipper games would then become a place for Hollywood stars to be seen. And if they played it right the Clippers could get all of Young Hollywood to attend. Forget about Jack and Denzel. The Clips would get Leo and Toby, Paris and Lindsey, even that guy from the vampire movies. LeBron would be THE star in a town full of stars.

And now for the real drama. Think about LeBron AND Kobe in the same city. Hell, they would be in the same arena! They would play each other four times a year instead of two. Can you see LeBron pushing Kobe to be better, Kobe daring LeBron to take his Number 1 spot? It’s a season long soap opera. David Stern must make sure this happens.

Of course all this depends on Clippers owner Donald Sterling to stop being Donald Sterling.

Yes, Sterling the worst owner in all of professional sports. Sure, he would rather trade a star player rather than pay him what he’s worth. We all know he’s a cheapskate. However, I think he’s tired of playing second fiddle to Dr. Jerry Buss and the Lakers. This could be the one chance for him to be the Big Man on Campus. This is his one chance to garner all the headlines. This is the one time that he will release the vise grip on his checkbook and pay LeBron whatever he wants.

Sure, all this is a long shot, but L.A. is a city full of long shots. Hundreds of kids show up every day with hopes of becoming a superstar. Besides, you know what they say about Los Angeles: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

I was not planning on writing about Game 5 of the Cleveland Cavaliers-Boston Celtics series. But since the Western Conference Finals do not start for approximately 23 days, I was forced to write about something. So Game 5 was it.

LeBron James and the Cavs gift wrapped this column for me. Thank you.

The Celtics handed the Cavs their worst playoff defeat in team history.  It was a 120-88 beat down that was not as close as the score would make it seem. And LeBron reverted back to his “LeBrick” alter ego. He looked so uninterested during this game it was scary. The way he was just standing around watching the game was so odd. I’m not sure if it was the elbow that was bothering him or he had a cold or maybe he was drunk. I don’t know, but they better come up with a reason today. Because it looked like he just gave up.

The post game press conference didn’t help either. LeBron seemed less interested in that thane he did the game. He said how he has “spoiled” the fans with his play and has had only “three bad games in seven years.” I’m telling you, this guy just doesn’t get it.

First of all, three bad games in seven years is a ridiculous statement. He’s had three bad games in this series! So let’s get rid of that. Second, it’s one thing to have a bad game; everyone does. But it’s entirely different to have a horrible game at home, in the playoffs, after you just won the MVP, and your team has the best record in the NBA.

To be fair, the series is not over. The Cavs still have to lose another game. And a lot of credit has to be given to the Boston Celtics. They have turned out to be a better team than a lot of people thought they would be. Myself included. So now they head back to Boston for Game 6 and the Cavs are in a must win situation.

LeBron has another chance to step up and be the superstar that everyone wants him to be. And he’s going to have to have a great game to beat the Celtics at home. But I just don’t see it happening. The Celtics know how to close teams out. Here’s an interesting fact: The Cavaliers have never won a series when they have been down 3-2.

The best part of this game is all the speculation that this may have been LeBron’s last home game as a Cavalier. So of course I’m going to jump right on that bandwagon.

Every New York Knick fan must be celebrating like they just won the championship. But I can’t see LeBron going there. He’s got a better team in Cleveland right now. If he goes to New York you know he is not serious about winning a title. If he goes to New York it’s going to be all about LeBron, Inc., scoring titles, MVP awards and Jay Z videos. And that’s another thing; It doesn’t seem like LeBron has that killer instinct that Michael Jordan had or that Kobe Bryant has. And I’m not sure that is something he can learn to have.

He should stay in Cleveland, in my opinion. If there was ever a player who was born to play in Cleveland its LeBron James. Plus, there’s no way he can go out like THAT! He needs a chance at redemption.

Whether he stays or goes one thing is for certain; LeBron is going to have to do a lot to make everyone forget about his performance last night.

A lot of attention has been given to LeBron’s Elbow lately. If you google “LeBron’s Elbow” you will get over a million results. He has his own Facebook page and Twitter account. He is the topic of conversation on every sports talk show.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with LeBron’s Elbow for an in-depth interview. For someone suddenly thrust into the spotlight, he seems to be dealing with it well.

Here is the interview:

SportsBros: So you have been receiving a lot of attention lately. How have you been dealing with that?

LeBron’s Elbow: It’s been kinda tough. But I’ve been talking to Kobe’s Finger and he’s given me some pointers on how to deal with the attention.

SB: Such as?

LBE: Just to stay wrapped up and focus on the mechanics of the game.

SB: What’s it like when you hear people blaming you for the Game 2 loss against the Celtics?

LBE: Well losing always hurts. LeBron taught me that. But I’ll tell you what doesn’t hurt; Running up behind some chump who thinks he’s got an easy lay up and swatting that ball into the fifth row! But after a loss I do hurt. A lot.

SB: You’ve had three MRI’s this week. What’s up with that?

LBE: Yeah, LeBron really, really want to be sure I’m as hurt as he thinks I am. But I’ll tell you this; any more radiation and my kids are gonna come out with three heads.

SB: You’ve already got you own Facebook page and Twitter account, what’s next?

LBE: Right now I’m working on a song with Diddy. It’s basically me on the hook and Diddy talking over the rest but the beat is tight. I’m also talking to Ashton Kutcher about a reality show.

SB: You’ve also been romantically linked to Kat Stacks. Is this true?

LBE: (Laughs) Nah, we’re just friends. She’s actually a really sweet girl. A lot smarter than people give her credit for. I’ve seen her do a whole soduku by herself.

SB: That sounds great. What about the NBA playoffs? Do you think that the Cavs have a chance to finally win a Championship?

LBE: I think so. If we win it will be despite me and if we lose it will be because of me. So we’re all good.

SB: Win or lose, are you going to be back in Cleveland next year?

LBE: That’s a tough one. I think we’ll be back. But every time I’m at the mall with LebBron and he’s buying 10 or 12 Yankee hats, I wonder.

SB: Would you like to go to New York?

LBE: I don’t know. New York’s pretty crowded. Not a lot of “elbow room” if you know what I mean.

SB: Strangely I do. Well, I know you have a busy schedule, what with the MRI’s and all. So I want to thank you for sitting down with me.

LBE: Yeah, I gotta go get dunked in some ice water right now. I’m gonna have some major shrinkage. But sometimes you gotta sacrifice for the team, you know?

SB: Yeah I do.

LBE: Peace.