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I absolutely love the signing of Matt Barnes by the Los Angeles Lakers.

I know a lot of people were getting excited by the possibility of the Lakers getting Chris Paul but I tell you, Matt Barnes is better for the Lakers.

The Lakers would have to give up too much to get Chris Paul. Lamar Odom and Steve Blake plus some draft pick would have to be headed to New Orleans in order for CP3 to wear the Purple and Gold. So the Lakers would basically have to decimate their bench to get Paul. Not the best situation. Plus Chris Paul doesn’t really fit in with the Triangle Offense. He needs to create off the dribble and improvise.

With Matt Barnes the Lakers have a bench of Barnes, Odom, Blake and Shannon Brown. Those four could start for any other team in the NBA. Compare that to a bench of Derek Fisher, Brown and Sasha Vujacic. That’s a no brainer in my book. The former is greater than the latter.

And Matt Barnes is a beast on defense. Just think back to The Orlando Magic’s game against the Lakers this season where Barnes went after Kobe Bryant all game. Anyone who can consistently get in the face of the Best Player in the Game has my respect. To quote Ron Artest, “Matt has the heart off a lion on steroids wit extra chest hairs and three testicles screaming “Adrian “!!!!!! And Ron knows something about the heart of a lion and all that other stuff.

Matt Barnes will give fits to the Big Three from both Miami and Boston. He gives the Lakers more toughness and an even better defense. Matt Barnes will be the NBA version of the “enforcer” of the NHL. I can already see LeBron James getting an elbow to the jaw and I approve.

All I can say is,”Welcome home, Matt (he went to UCLA) and start getting fitted for that championship ring!”