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040912 tebow easterI was going to throw a serious bitchfit when I heard that Time Tebow aka Backup Jesus was signed by the New England Patriots. At first I thought it was a joke. You know, you see somebody tweet out “BREAKING NEWS” followed by something ridiculous. They are just trying to be funny and the whole thing shouldn’t be taken seriously. I have been known to do that from time to time as well.

But when I saw this I knew I couldn’t possibly be true. When I found out it was true I hit the roof. This bit of news pretty much ruined the whole season for me and plenty of other fans.

I was going to piss and moan about how I didn’t even want to watch the NFL and how this decision is an affront to the whole game of football. I was going to do that but my good friends over at Deadspin beat me to it. And they did it much better than I would have.

This is one of my favorite passages:

This is what you’ve foisted upon the world, Bill Belichick. You can’t win a Super Bowl with your shitass defense these days, so now you just content yourself with demonstrating little football tricks for the world, to let everyone know you’ve still got it. You just subjected us to the worst of ESPN and the Tebow Industrial Complex. I hope it was worth it. You dick.

Took the words right out of my mouth.


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DolphinsTebowESPN poster boy and career backup QB, Tim Tebow, is currently out of work but that may be coming to an end according to

They are reporting that super-agent and all around sleazy dude Drew Rosenhaus is saying that the Miami Dolphins may have some interest is signing Tebow.

This makes so little sense, football or otherwise, that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross just might pull the trigger on this transaction. He seems to be in love with Tebow all most as much as Skip Bayless. This is the guy who held a Tim Tebow appreciation day at Sun Life stadium when Tebow and the Denver Broncos came to town two seasons ago.

Dolphins GM, Jeff Ireland, has made such great moves for the Dolphins in the offseason and the NFL Draft that it only makes sense that the team owner will swoop in and destroy the whole thing in one chemistry-busting acquisition.

Hopefully this is just a sad, sad rumor.

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bquinnI am not sure what is going on with the New York Jets. They went from a Super Bowl contender to an absolute joke in about three years. And now they have finally put on the big red nose with their latest acquisition. According to reports they have just signed Brady Quinn. Yes, THAT Brady Quinn.

I’m still trying to figure this out.

Bringing in Tim Tebow was an absolute bust. Mark Sanchez is inconsistent at best. So I don’t understand what Quinn brings to the table. The guy has been around the league more than Kim Kardashian.

Word has it that Jets QB coach, David Lee, like Quinn and that is why they are bringing him on board. But what are they really getting? If he is the replacement for Tebow then this is a lateral move. Quinn has had a lackluster career so far. He is Tebow without the religion.

And he is certainly not a replacement for Mark Sanchez. As bad as Sanchez has been, Quinn is not an upgrade. This signing, if it goes through, makes no sense. But then the whole Jets organization has not made much sense lately.

2010 -- Skip BaylessDuring the Washington Redskins playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Redskins QB, Robert Griffin III, suffered a knee injury.  Going into the game there was much speculation as the weather RG3 was healthy enough to play. Specifically, team doctor James Andrews stated that he thought RG3 was brought back too quickly.

Immediately after the injury the Internet exploded with accusations from Skins fans that head coach Mike Shanahan left RG3 in the game too long and he was to blame for the injury. It was another example of a coach (and by extension, the NFL) not caring about the health and safety of a player.

And it’s a valid argument. Most rational people would make that connection.

But what if you are a complete idiot with no real grasp on reality and you just want to create some controversy? Then that do you do? Professional instigator and part time Internet troll, Skip Bayless, decided to weigh in with one of the most idiotic sports takes ever. He came to the asinine conclusion that Dr. Andrews was to blame for the injury when he unleashed this spectacularly moronic tweet.

“@RealSkipBayless: Hope Dr. Andrews is pleased w/ self, publicly going after Shanahan, creating doubt in RG3’s mind by saying still nervous about RG3’s knee.”

There is a lot of insanity packed into those 140 characters.  First off, he makes it seem like Dr. Andrews has concocted some kind of diabolical plan to wreck Mike Shanahan’s career.  Bayless is so used to coming up with idiotic sports takes just to piss people off and get some publicity for himself, he thinks that’s the way everybody operates.  Unfortunately for him that’s not the way normal people (e.g. Non-egomaniacs) operate.

And to say the Doc put doubt in RG3’s head is ridiculous. Pro athletes are some of the mentally tough people on the planet (with the exception of Tony Romo). RG3 knows his body better than anyone else. He knows what limitations, if any, he has on any given day.

But Skip got what he wanted; he used a player’s injury to bring attention to himself. Never mind that in order to get that attention he has to come up with an opinion that is so devoid of logic that even members of the Tea Party think he is insane. It’s all about getting the spotlight on himself. At that, he’s brilliant. He just sucks at everything else.

It’s an incredibly sad day in sports. Former San Diego Chargers star Junior Seau was found dead in his Oceanside, Ca., home today.  He was 43 years old.

Preliminary reports are that he committed suicide and he has a gunshot wound to the chest.

According to law enforcement sources, Seau’s girlfriend was the one who found him dead in his bed.

Oceanside police are expected to make a statement soon.

Seau is the eighth member of the 1994 Chargers to die at a young age. The others were: Chris Mims, Doug Miller, Shawn Lee, Lewis Bush, Curtis Whitley, David Griggs and Rodney Culver. This has led to many on the internet to start talking about a curse but I seriously doubt that. It is just a sad coincidence that has claimed another life.

(I will update this story throughout the day as more information comes in.)

The Washington Redskins pulled off one of the biggest trades in recent NFL history when they sent three first round and one second round pick to the St. Louis Rams for the second overall pick in this year’s draft. With the Indianapolis Colts taking Andrew Luck with the first pick, Washington will certainly take Robert Griffin III.

Skins owner, Dan Snyder has moved all his chips into the middle of the table and bet the future of his team on the Heisman Trophy winner from Baylor.

After being eliminated from the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes, the Redskins wasted no time in making this deal. But did they pay too much? The Skins won’t have a first round pick for the next three years, thereby making it nearly impossible to build the team with young talent. They are going to have to do it through free agency and trades. Unfortunately they don’t have a whole lot of talent to trade.

So this means that free agency is their only hope to build a Super Bowl contender. Starting this year. While Robert Griffin III may be a franchise quarterback, he really doesn’t have anyone to throw to. It’s been widely speculated that Washington will go after Vincent Jackson, but so will a number of other teams. That is certainly going to drive the price up.

After they get a wide receiver, Washington then needs to turn its attention to the offensive line and the secondary.

Washington was $40 million under the spending cap until the NFL took away $36 million of that for front loading contracts in the uncapped 2010 season. They can spread that amount over the 2012 and 2013 seasons but that just means there is a lot less money Washington has to spend on free agents. And it also means that they have virtually no margin for error.

Too many things need to fall into place to make the RG3 trade worth it. If one thing goes wrong, the Skins are going to be a bad team for a long time. But that’s what can happen when you take a big gamble.

It came as no surprise to anyone yesterday when the Indianapolis Colts parted ways with Peyton Manning. After 14 years, two Super Bowl appearances and one Championship, Manning will be playing for another team.

No sooner did the tear soaked press conference end then the speculation as to where Manning will play next year began. Listening to the talking heads, it seems like EVERY SINGLE team in the NFL is in the Manning Sweepstakes.

After careful consideration there really are only four teams that make some sense and only one that seems logical.

Washington Redskins. Owner Daniel Snyder has deep pockets and has a history of bringing in big name veterans. Unfortunately, the Skins are in the same division as Peyton’s baby brother, Eli, and Peyton is not going to want to play him twice a year. And he certainly would want to be in a position where they might have to knock one another out of the playoffs. Plus the Redskins aren’t built to win now. They would have to sell Manning on “the future.”

New York Jets. After last season the Jets seem to be in a bit of disarray. While many fans would welcome Manning in place of Mark Sanchez, the Jets may be too much of a circus for Manning. Plus he would be in the same city as Eli. And no one thinks he could co-exist with head coach Rex Ryan.

Arizona Cardinals.  The Cardinals can offer Manning a superstar wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald and they also play on turf which he is used to. Unfortunately, they don’t offer much more than that. Plus, the rumor is that Manning wants to stay in the AFC.

All this leads us to the leader in the Manning Sweepstakes, the Miami Dolphins. Forget that Peyton already has a home in Miami; the Dolphins give him the best chance to win now. Miami came on strong in the second half of last season. They have a solid defense and a pair of great receivers in Brandon Marshall and Devone Bess. They also have a solid running back in Reggie Bush. The Dolphins could also go after Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon to make Manning feel a little more at home. And don’t forget, Miami has the 8th pick in this year’s draft.

Everything is set for Peyton Manning to come to South Beach and when he does the Dolphins will immediately become a contender for the AFC Championship.