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Scottie Pippen sent shock waves throughout the sports world today when he suggested that LeBron James “may be” the greatest player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. Even better than Michael Jordan.

Most people could not believe their ears and some even questioned Pippen’s sanity. Michael Jordan is a Sacred Cow as far as most sports writers and fans are concerned. “He is the greatest ever”, goes the mantra. “No one will ever be better than him. Not Kobe Bryant, not LeBron.” The only fact that anyone has to bring up to end all comparisons is, “Jordan has six rings. LeBron has none.”

So for a former teammate of Jordan’s to come out and say that LeBron may be better player, it sounds like blasphemy to most.

To be fair, Pippen did preface his comment by stating, “Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game.”  Even though Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the All Time Leading Scorer in NBA history, I see where Pippen is coming from. He has to try to differentiate between Jordan and LeBron. It’s like when so many sports casters didn’t want to say Kobe was better than LeBron they started saying Kobe was the best “closer” in the game. But LeBron was still the best “player.” He was just trying to soften what was coming next.

And then he dropped the hammer when he said, “But I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will but he keeps everybody involved.” This is what got everybody up in arms.

And the reactions were swift and harsh. Many fans said Pippen was just bitter and jealous of Jordan’s fame and skill. Some said he was just downright stupid. Some even took the time to make fun of his recent financial troubles. But they all seem to forget that the man is entitled to his own opinion.

Pippen shot back to all his critics via Twitter, saying, “For all of you that don’t know, I played the game. You keep watching and cheering.”  Touché, Scottie, touché.

And all this brings up to one important question: Will there ever be a time when a player comes along who is better than Jordan? It seems like an inevitability. I’m sure people never thought they would see a better player than Julius “Dr. J” Irving until Jordan came along.

There will always be a debate as to who was the greatest in every sport. Is Mike Tyson better then Muhammad Ali? Is Tiger Woods better than Jack Nicklaus? Is Barry Bonds better than Hank Aaron? And so on. It’s never going to end. But that’s what makes sports so great.

Maybe LeBron James will wind up having a better career than Michael Jordan. Who knows? Let’s all just enjoy watching this great group of talented players that we have in the NBA right now. There may even come a time when we get to tell our children, “I got to see LeBron play.”

When I first heard the news that Tiger Woods was being dropped from the cover of his own video game I wasn’t sure what to think. It took a minute to sink in. The game is called “Tiger Woods PGA Tour.” How can you have a video game Called Tiger Woods PGA Tour without Tiger Woods on the cover?

It didn’t make sense. If I play Pac Man I know there is going to be a picture of Pac Man on the cover. That’s how I know what game I am playing. You’re not going to see an Italian flag on the cover of Super Mario Brothers, are you?

Instead, EA Sports is putting a picture of the Masters flag on the cover. That’s right; a picture of a yellow flag will be on the cover of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. Just to be clear, the game is NOT called The Masters Golf 12, it’s called Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. I know playing the course at Augusta is a big deal because it’s so hard to get into (especially if you’re a woman). But it doesn’t warrant dropping the greatest golfer of this generation. But I think I know what’s going on here.

EA Sports says it has nothing to do with Tiger’s problems off the course and his dismal showing last season. Sure it doesn’t. The game has been going strong for over a decade and you just happen to drop the namesake the year after he tanks in on the Tour? Please.

No one is buying that.

And don’t get me wrong. I don’t condone what Tiger did. I think cheating on your wife is wrong. But its none of my business. And if that’s the reason EA Sports dropped Tiger why didn’t they do it right after all this stuff came out Thanksgiving 2009? Why wait over a year to make this decision? Which makes me think that they could forgive him for cheating and becoming tabloid fodder, but they can’t forgive him for not winning on tour. And that makes them the biggest hypocrites, in my opinion.

I know EA Sports is running a business and has to think about their image and all that, but Tiger is still the biggest name in golf. He’s possibly the biggest name in all of sports ever since LeBron James committed partial suicide on national TV during “The Decision.” And if this is just a business decision I think it is a bad one.

My prediction is that Tiger will have a great 2011 season, win a couple of Majors and be back on the cover of Tiger Woods PGA Golf 13. After all it’s not personal, it’s only business.

So Big Ben is going to be suspended for six games this season. He might even be traded, if you can believe the rumors.

To be fair, Ben has not been convicted of anything. The Milledgeville (Ga.) district attorney has stated there is not enough evidence to pursue a criminal case against Roethlisberger. Ben is being suspended for being a jackass. And he should be suspended. There seems to be an epidemic of jackassery running through professional sports. From Roethlisberger to Tiger Woods to Gilbert Arenas, professional athletes are making the worst decisions imaginable.

Some say he is being made an example of because he is a star of the league.  It seems to me that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is sending a message to every player in the league; Get your act together because no one is untouchable.

This is not the first “problem” Roethlisberger has had.  First there was the motorcycle accident: not wearing a helmet even after he was told to, and the 2008 accusation of rape by a Lake Tahoe woman. This seems like a guy who wants to court danger. Bad decision after bad decision. What’s it going to take for all pro athletes to wise up?

Just remember, we live in a 24/7 news cycle. Every phone has a camera; TMZ is running wild so anything you do in public is probably going to be seen by someone. Stop acting like a jackass!!

So, not only is Roethlisberger getting suspended (without pay) but now there are rumors flying around that he may be traded. How do you go from being a two-time Super Bowl champion to being suspended and possibly traded? Answer: By being a jackass.

I know we’re coming up on the NFL Draft and hopefully the timing of this announcement will knock some sense into the new NFL rookie class. So to them I say: Don’t act like a jackass and you will have a long and happy career.