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040912 tebow easterI was going to throw a serious bitchfit when I heard that Time Tebow aka Backup Jesus was signed by the New England Patriots. At first I thought it was a joke. You know, you see somebody tweet out “BREAKING NEWS” followed by something ridiculous. They are just trying to be funny and the whole thing shouldn’t be taken seriously. I have been known to do that from time to time as well.

But when I saw this I knew I couldn’t possibly be true. When I found out it was true I hit the roof. This bit of news pretty much ruined the whole season for me and plenty of other fans.

I was going to piss and moan about how I didn’t even want to watch the NFL and how this decision is an affront to the whole game of football. I was going to do that but my good friends over at Deadspin beat me to it. And they did it much better than I would have.

This is one of my favorite passages:

This is what you’ve foisted upon the world, Bill Belichick. You can’t win a Super Bowl with your shitass defense these days, so now you just content yourself with demonstrating little football tricks for the world, to let everyone know you’ve still got it. You just subjected us to the worst of ESPN and the Tebow Industrial Complex. I hope it was worth it. You dick.

Took the words right out of my mouth.


Read the entire article here:

DolphinsTebowESPN poster boy and career backup QB, Tim Tebow, is currently out of work but that may be coming to an end according to

They are reporting that super-agent and all around sleazy dude Drew Rosenhaus is saying that the Miami Dolphins may have some interest is signing Tebow.

This makes so little sense, football or otherwise, that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross just might pull the trigger on this transaction. He seems to be in love with Tebow all most as much as Skip Bayless. This is the guy who held a Tim Tebow appreciation day at Sun Life stadium when Tebow and the Denver Broncos came to town two seasons ago.

Dolphins GM, Jeff Ireland, has made such great moves for the Dolphins in the offseason and the NFL Draft that it only makes sense that the team owner will swoop in and destroy the whole thing in one chemistry-busting acquisition.

Hopefully this is just a sad, sad rumor.

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bquinnI am not sure what is going on with the New York Jets. They went from a Super Bowl contender to an absolute joke in about three years. And now they have finally put on the big red nose with their latest acquisition. According to reports they have just signed Brady Quinn. Yes, THAT Brady Quinn.

I’m still trying to figure this out.

Bringing in Tim Tebow was an absolute bust. Mark Sanchez is inconsistent at best. So I don’t understand what Quinn brings to the table. The guy has been around the league more than Kim Kardashian.

Word has it that Jets QB coach, David Lee, like Quinn and that is why they are bringing him on board. But what are they really getting? If he is the replacement for Tebow then this is a lateral move. Quinn has had a lackluster career so far. He is Tebow without the religion.

And he is certainly not a replacement for Mark Sanchez. As bad as Sanchez has been, Quinn is not an upgrade. This signing, if it goes through, makes no sense. But then the whole Jets organization has not made much sense lately.

I was 1-3 last week so take my picks at your own risk. But, I’m determined to have a comeback this week.


New York Giants – Green Bay Packers

The Giants are hot right now and their offense is firing on all cylinders.  I just don’t see their defense stopping Aaron Rogers and the Packers’ offense. And I trust Rogers more than I trust Eli Manning.

Look for the Packers to win a close one.


Baltimore Ravens – Houston Texans

I think the Ravens will be too much for the Texans to handle. Houston has had a great run but this is where the magic stops.

Ravens should control this game from the start and cruise to victory.


New England Patriots – Denver Broncos

America NEEDS New England to win this game just so we can stop talking about Tim Tebow. On the surface his should be a replay of their regular season meeting. But we all know it never works out that way with Tebow and the Broncos.

The Pats will win this game but it will be a lot closer than the last time they met.


New Orleans Saints – San Francisco 49ers

This has the making of being to best game of the weekend. The Saints are hot right now and Drew Brees seems unstoppable. The 49er defense will keep them in the game but in the end, Brees will find a way to win this game.

The Saints win in a nail biter.

Cincinnati Bengals – Houston Texans

This will probably be the best game of the weekend. The Bengals have been pretty surprising this year. They get rid of Chad Ochocinco, T. O. and Carson Palmer and somehow make the playoffs. The Texans seemed snake bitten with injuries and won the AFC South for the first time in franchise history. We have two great stories colliding in this game and I’m pumped.

Bengals are solid on both sides of the ball and I think that is going to make the difference. Both teams are starting rookie QB’s and either one has the potential to implode at any time. The Texans have a great offense but are still a bit suspect on defense.

That’s why I’m picking the Bengals to move on to the second round of the playoffs.



Pittsburgh Steelers – Denver Broncos

I’m sure everyone will be talking about Tim Tebow in this game. And even though I wrote that Tebow was touched by God, I think this is where the magic stops. Sure, the Steelers are banged up on offense but the defense is still strong and I think they will wreak havoc on Tebow.

The Broncos have lost their last three games and it looks like Tebow’s confidence may be shaken a bit. This probably will be a low scoring game and barring some divine intervention, the Steelers will walk away with the victory.

I feel sorry for Kyle Orton. He’s in a no-win situation. As starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos not only is he on a not very good team but every time ha has a bad play the entire stadium starts screaming for Tim Tebow. It’s enough to make a player want to request a trade.

In last night’s 23-20 loss to the Oakland Raiders, Denver fans were quick to start the “Te-BOW, Te-BOW!!” chant. I can only imagine what was going through Orton’s mind. I’m sure at one point he must have thought, “Why didn’t I go to Miami when I had the chance?”

The Broncos have a tough decision to make. They have to either trade Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow. They have to give one of them a chance to play without constantly looking over their shoulder. They owe it to the players, the team and the fans.

And if Tim Tebow is good enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL he would be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Remember, he is THIRD on the depth chart for the Broncos. So, I ask all Broncos fans this: Do you really want to turn your team over to a third string quarterback?